Biggest cinema screen - Dolby Atmos sound. The ultimate movie lovers' experience of the big screen. It’s the biggest screen coupled with Dolby Atmos sound that makes this, the ultimate viewing experience for blockbusters.

Standard logo
Enjoy our comfy standard cinema experience with your friends and family where there is the regular leather cinema seating closer to the screen or the more comfortable Premium seats at the back. You can also pass by our concession area where you can pick the most delicious food and beverage for you.

ScreenX logo
Panoramic screen A truly immersive cinema experience for those who want to experience blockbusters not just watch them. The world’s first multi projection movie theatre. ScreenX presents an unprecedented panorama screen by extending the main screen to each side of the walls in the auditorium.
Muvi Suites

Muvi Suites logo
Luxury experience - Exclusive lounge - unlimited popcorn & soda - Special menu. This is the ultimate luxury cinema experience. Exclusive lounge with an a la carte menu, where you can choose from light bites to a full meal. Meals can be eaten in the lounge or in the cinema. Doesn’t get more VIP than this!
Dolby Cinema®

Dolby Cinema® logo
Dolby Vision - Dolby Atmos. Dolby Cinema® will let you dive into the story and connect you deeply with the characters with the ultra-vivid picture of Dolby Vision® and the immersive sound of Dolby Atmos®.

Onyx logo
LED Samsung Screen - Reclining seats - Charging port. Sensing the need to transcend the outdated projector-based systems that have been the industry standard over the past 120 years, Samsung is prepared to play a starring role in delivering the most advanced graphics and refined production.
Boutique Cinemas

Boutique Cinemas logo
Four different themes - Special Food Menu. muvi Boutique is just what you need that will transport you far beyond the walls of our screening rooms, with its 383 seats speckled across four diverse and exclusive settings.
Muvi Junior

Muvi Junior logo
Playroom - Party Room - Candy Corner. Muvi Junior combines two elements that children love - playing and watching movies. This experience is designed for children aged 3 to 12 years and features include a dedicated playroom with a climbing frame, interactive games, and a candy bar.